Shona Marrs

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Shona Marrs Massage
Hi welcome to my webpage and thanks for having the time and curiosity to see who I am and what the work that I do is.
A bit about me… After having graduated from Sussex University with a BA in Philosophy and African and Asian Studies in the course of my travels I trained for a year in the highly acclaimed international School of Bodyworkers in San Diego. In 1994 I graduated with a diploma in Massage Therapy.
My training included DEEP TISSUE MUSCLE SCULPTING( influenced by Ida Rolf) , SPORTS MASSAGE, SHIATSU and  THAI, PASSIVE JOINT MOVEMENT ,  (influenced by Traeger Therapy) SWEDISH, ESALEN, TUI NA and tai chi. Since then to satisfy demand from my clients I have expanded my toolkit to include techniques that combat CELLULITE and FLUID RETENTION.
My philosophy towards massage is to provide a custom bespoke , personalised service adapted to individual needs drawing from all of my experience , training and knowledge. Massage differs from many therapies because it is able to work on and effect change on many different levels of the person at the same time.  Working on the physical level addressing muscular tension and imbalances but at the same time addressing the persons emotional and “spiritual” needs.  I believe  this occurs whether or not the person is invested in these other aspects of the therapy.  It is also a tool of self development and change. This is an important aspect of my work and my personal attraction to the craft.