Shona Marrs

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I charge 80 euros for a one hour massage at my clinic. This is one hour of  pure table time so when you book a massage factor into your scheduling if you have other appointments in the day etc an hour and a half… Often chronic issues  that have developed  over time cannot  always be be resolved in one session. My approach is to work with the body and not impose or force change on it which while sometimes provides relief rarely causes lasting change… So if you have a chronic issue that will require weekly sessions and budget is a concern talk to me to see if we can come up with a plan that will work for you. Additionally I am open to do exchanges for other services if you have a skill that I could use or benefit from! I am available for home and yacht visits, outcall prices are generally in the range of 100 -150 e an hour  contact me directly for an outcall quote. This is highly dependent on location, accessibility ,number of massages booked, if I need to bring a table,towels etc….