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Deep Tissue Muscle Sculpting
Deep tissue massage is a system of releasing muscular tensions and contractions. It has the reputation of being both very ” deep ” in nature and painful. In truth it is a system of massage which addresses  the different layers of muscles in the body so that the practitioner targets a very specific muscle when working. Therefore depending on the muscle targeted it can be experienced as both superficial or deep and  working on the pleasure / pain threshold or feel very gentle…. The importance of the approach  is that it works within the bodies limitations allowing muscular release to happen as the body is ready to open up.  A chronically contracted muscle may be ready to release and open up quickly  or it may  take several sessions to soften. Often this is dependent on what caused the contraction to occur in the first place, over what time period the pain has developed  and what relation it holds to the clients emotional and mental state . Sometimes the practitioner can facilitate release and change in the body at a muscular level but the client needs to be prepared to make changes and develop in other areas of his/ her life to effect a lasting change. I nearly always incorporate some level of deep tissue massage into my bodywork ( unless otherwise requested), although because of its slow nature it is  impossible to cover all areas with in the time frame of an hour…