Shona Marrs

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Wou tai is a modern technique of body work developed by Roland Coombe synthesising his years of experience as an osteopathic clinician and thai massage therapist. It takes the best of both worlds capturing the current understanding of fascial tensegrity of the body , where all is connected as a whole system.

Wou tai is performed clothed either on the floor or the table. By placing the body into positions of extension and creating spherical dance like movements you are led into a deep state of relaxation where constrictions in fascial tissue, muscular imbalances, visceral and articulaire restrictions are addressed.

The wonder of this practice is that it adresses root causes of imbalances and not just how it manifests symptomatically. You will leave lighter and more balanced with a feeling of having being deeply touched. If you are curious and interested in learning more about yourself I highly recommend trying out a session.