Shona Marrs

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‘Hi, Shona, just to say a big thank you for the excellent treatment on Friday, I have felt great for the two days since You really have a huge range of skills, great knowledge, willingness to customise a treatment, an intuitive empathy and ability to create safety and work through barriers both physically and mentally . . . as you understood, it’s not usually easy for me to freely express emotions after a lifetime of being told to hold them back, but they were flowing after just an hour . . . ‘  Pete 2018

” I have had a lot of massages so I know what I am talking about, Shona gives an excellent massage, the quality of her touch is wonderful, the depth is spot on, she takes you to another level. I will continue to seek her out when I am here on the coast. Don’t hesitate to book her ” Mr A August 2017

“The best massage I have had in Antibes” Ian July 2014

“As a competetive triathlete massage is very important to me. I am so glad that I found Shona whilst here in the South of France. Her weekly sessions have helped me prepare and maintain my body for my upcoming season. No hesitation in recommending her” Wayne Rogers April 2015

“If I am ever really rich I shall have a ” Shona Massage” every day, it does me so much good”  Suzie August 2014

“Recently I took Shona up on one of her special offers. Over the course of 4 weeks Shona worked on me . Each week she focused on a different aspect of myself. What was remarkable to me is the different qualities and tools she brought to each massage. One week she worked deeply focusing on areas where I had chronic tension and pain, the next week she stretched and lulled me into a deep state of relaxation with her Thai massage. Every massage was different both in focus and in results. She really has an extensive box of tools and I felt profoundly touched.” Jane Starks 2014

“French massages are nothing more than skin polishing. I hate them. Now I have discovered Shona Marrs who works out of the English osteopaths office in down town Antibes. Vigourous , atheletic and deeply relaxing a winning combination. I sure hope France treats her well” Pierre Lassonde August 2014

‘Shona has a calm, relaxed and healing presence. She is both light and down to earth and shares a sense of comfort. Her ability to listen and use her intuition adds to the quality she brings to a massage experience. After a busy and emotionally challenging few weeks, my intention for the massage was primarily relaxation. With empathy and understanding, Shona chose the massage techniques and style that enabled me to let go and enjoy the process. Over the days that followed, I was able to better attune to my body, enjoy greater vitality and get clearer issues that had been clouding my mind. Shona has a quality of grace and elegance. As a communicator, she is open, receptive and perceptive. I highly recommend her massage services. Anne Naylor Cannes September 2014