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Thai Massage

This is a deeply relaxing meditative massage -the traditional Medical massage of Thailand.

If you have had one in Thailand they are often quite invasive and painful. I however use the techniques but work within your bodies limitations allowing joints to open up , easing stiffness, increasing flexibility and working on energetic imbalances .

It is a combination of acupressure and yoga like stretch movements. This modality system opens the joints and balances all the major muscle groups of the body , increases vitality and builds a high level of flexibilty and fitness. The pattern of gentle rocking and rhythmic compression ease the recipient into a deeply relaxed state. It is great for people with reduced mobility and motion and is done fully clothed. I normally integrate it into parts of my table massage.


Sports Massage

The best sports massage is preventative….and helps the athlete to maximise his performance and training so that he / she  can get the most out of their bodies. It addresses muscular imbalances, adhesions, “knots” , breaks down fascial adhesions allowing muscles to work independently, gets rid of lactic acid and toxin  build up, keeps muscles lengthened, tendons and ligaments flexible , breaks down scar tissue.

It draws from different techniques including deep tissue, cross fibre, and classical swedish massage

It can also be used pre or after race to maximise the race performance and help recovery.

Sports massage is very important for older  age group athletes and high performance athletes


Passive joint therapy

Oscillating, gentle, light and rhythmical movements facilitate the clients perceptive experience of effortless , weightlessness and a floating sensation to release ingrained holding patterns around the joints with freedom and grace in body and mind.

Over the years  we develop specific postural and  “body use”  habits which gradually deplete the range and repertoire of movements available to us causing muscular tension, body armouring and inflexibilty.  Through Passive joint movement therapy we can reinform  and re educate our nervous system about the variety of movement available to us creating a wider range of movement and freedom.


Deep Tissue Muscle Sculpting

Deep tissue massage is a system of releasing muscular tensions and contractions.

It has the reputation of being both very ” deep ” in nature and painful. In truth it is a system of massage which addresses  the different layers of muscles in the body so that the practitioner targets a very specific muscle when working. Therefore depending on the muscle targeted it can be experienced as both superficial or deep and  working on the pleasure / pain threshold or feel very gentle….

The importance of the approach  is that it works within the bodies limitations allowing muscular release to happen as the body is ready to open up.  A chronically contracted muscle may be ready to release and open up quickly  or it may  take several sessions to soften. Often this is dependent on what caused the contraction to occur in the first place, over what time period the pain has developed  and what relation it holds to the clients emotional and mental state . Sometimes the practitioner can facilitate release and change in the body at a muscular level but the client needs to be prepared to make changes and develop in other areas of his/ her life to effect a lasting change.

I nearly always incorporate some level of deep tissue massage into my bodywork ( unless otherwise requested), although because of its slow nature it is  impossible to cover all areas with in the time frame of an hour…


Swedish Massage

The bread and butter of massage !

This is the most well know modality of Western massage. The rhythmic strokes move blood and lymph, increasing the bodies metabolism and the interchange of substances between cells. It flushes the body of  waste products and toxins and helps a sluggish circulation system. It enhances the oxygen supply to the cells and acts as a “mechanical cleanser “.

It can be deeply relaxing helping to relieve mental and physical stress and fatigue.


Anti cellulite body sculpting and draining

Millions are spent my people all over the world in the hope of attaining a glorious body. The truth is there are no magic cures… Number one genetics is the major factor as to whether or not you a blessed with that model physique and then it is lifestyle and diet….

Having said that anti cellulite massage can play a major  role in keeping cellulite at bay and help to model your bodies silhouette.  It is in my opinion one of the few things that is effective- forgot about your creams…. It works by specifically targeting the subcutaneous level where fat is stored and also by targeting the lymphatic system to drain and shift water retention and bloating. It does however need to be done initially by a series of weekly sessions and then a maintenance program to have a real effect.

My approach to clients who come to me asking for an anti cellulite massage is to also make them aware of changes that may be need to be made in a broader context so that lasting results are achieved.


Wou Tai Osteo Dance

Wou tai is a modern technique of body work developed by Roland Coombe synthesising his years of experience as an osteopathic clinician and thai massage therapist. It takes the best of both worlds capturing the current understanding of fascial tensegrity of the body , where all is connected as a whole system.

Wou tai is performed clothed either on the floor or the table. By placing the body into positions of extension and creating spherical dance like movements you are led into a deep state of relaxation where constrictions in fascial tissue, muscular imbalances, visceral and articulaire restrictions are addressed.

The wonder of this practice is that it adresses root causes of imbalances and not just how it manifests symptomatically. You will leave lighter and more balanced with a feeling of having being deeply touched. If you are curious and interested in learning more about yourself I highly recommend trying out a session.